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Kent Massie serves as project manager for large-scale planning as well as design projects.  He promotes sustainable design and has developed plans for both Sustainable Sites Initiative (SSI) compatibility and L.E.E.D. certification.  Kent is experienced in design and conservation of natural and cultural sites.   


Downtown Decatur Enhancement involves a comprehensive restructuring of Downtown Decatur scheduled for completion in 2014. The 30-block project involves changing the dedicated truck route through the city, reconfiguring streets and parking, and constructing new sidewalks and street crossings.  The streetscape improvements included special materials and design of paving, light fixtures, street furnishings and other amenities.  The project also included redesign of Central Park including custom-designed canopy structures.


Quadrangle and University Hall, University of Illinois Springfield, involved creating a central quadrangle within the campus and a signature colonnade and fountain to anchor its north end.  The project also included areas around the new University Hall on the the new quadrangle where walkways, plazas and gathering nodes were created as a template for development of future buildings on the campus.  


Mumford House and South Quadrangle, University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign provided an opportunity to integrate the university’s past with the present campus.  The Concept Study shows how Mumford House, the model homestead built by the university in 1870, can be adapted for contemporary uses and meaningfully interconnected with the surrounding more-modern campus.  Designs for the site include access for pedestrians, use of surrounding grounds for demonstration plots, and exhibits of sustainable site design and campus history.



Kent L. Massie, PLA

Principal Planner and Landscape Architect

Downtown Galesburg Strategic Plan for the Future addressed the 60-block area of Downtown Galesburg and extensively involved city leaders, stakeholder groups and the general public.  The strategic plan addressed historic preservation and delineated improvements of transportation routes (rail, vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian).  It identified opportunities for business development and infill construction, including storm water management considerations.  The plan also discussed implementation strategies for both public and private urban projects. 


Lincoln Memorial Garden, Springfield, IL.   MMA prepared the Master Plan for Preservation and Protection of this 64-acre garden originally designed by Jens Jensen and now on the National Register of Historic Places. Devised with the input of Jenson experts from across the country, the plan described needed restoration of its original plan (flowering-tree lined walkways, woodlands and meadows, vistas and screening) and restoration of its structures (council rings, bridges, signs, benches, drinking fountains).  It also addressed the need to reduce the impacts from overuse.  The plan identified 120 surrounding acres to acquire and manage for protection of the historic garden.  The buffer areas would allow for expansion of garden programs and activities.


Ostermeier Prairie Center.  This 30-acre farm site was acquired to protect the historic Lincoln Memorial Garden site.  MMA developed the master plan and construction documents for converting the site to a prairie center.  Plans included renovating the existing 100-year old farm house and outbuildings, and constructing a new visitor's station designed to blend with the farmstead.  The pond was rebuilt and native plant species used for bank stabilization and wildlife habitat.  Boardwalks and a viewing screen were constructed for close observation of the pond's wildlife.  Historic hedge rows were retained, and fields were planted and managed to recreate tall-grass prairies and native forest communities.  Winding trails and paths were built though the new nature areas. 




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